Our Real Estate Investing Products

Remote Rental Riches

This is a step-by-step course to get your first out-of-state cash-flowing rental property. You'll get:

  • Lifetime access to 60+ video modules (and future updates)
  • 14+ worksheets, quizzes, and homework assignments
  • You'll learn: How to find your ideal target market, how to build a boots on the ground team, how to analyze a deal, asset protection strategies
  • Exclusive case study footage of us doing the process with you!
  • And you'll understand: The entire escrow and loan process, Common key terms in the real estate industry, Big-ticket repair items to look out for, and more!
$447 - Enroll Here

Rental Ready Finances

This course will help you prepare your finances so you can buy your first property.

  • Lifetime access to 45+ video modules (and future updates)
  • 10+ worksheets, quizzes, and homework assignments
  • You'll learn: the exact amount of money, income, and credit score you need to buy your first home, how to create a savings plan, best practices to reduce your spending, how to boost your credit score to qualify for better loans.
  • And you'll understand: how to increase your income through side hustles, building high income skills, and negotiation tactics to boost your salary, as well as how to grow your net worth by investing.

Our Side Hustle Products

The Etsy Entrepreneur

The Etsy Entrepreneur is a step-by-step course taught by Sharon Tseung to take you from $0 to $1,000/month with selling digital downloads on Etsy. This is a great side hustle to start making passive income even with low capital. You'll get:

  • Lifetime Access to 65+ video modules, with over 4+ hours of content
  • 10+ of my very own worksheets and templates including Descriptions, customer support canned responses, Photoshop and MS Word instructions, font lists, and more.
  • An exclusive tutorial on how I create my templates on Photoshop, MS Word, and Canva, and tips I use
  • Learn how to set up your first Etsy shop, craft and optimize listings effectively to get sales, conduct customer support, run sales and promotions to increase conversions
  • Understand SEO Advanced Strategies including Tags, Title, & Category optimization, and how to do SEO keyword research to get your products ranked in the marketplace

Blog Launch Profit

Blog Launch Profit is a course taught by Sharon Tseung and Jason Wuerch, who teach how to build a blogging business and make your first $1,000/month. You'll get:

  • Lifetime access to 120+ videos with over 8+ hours of content
  • 10+ worksheets and templates
  • Learn how to set up your website (including hosting, domain, and Wordpress installation), select a niche, and write powerful blog posts.
  • Conduct effective keyword research and learn SEO concepts
  • Design your blog, create your email list, and monetize.

Private Membership Program

Private Membership Program (Coming Soon)

If you want real estate coaching and a community to help you achieve your goals, you are in the right place. You'll get:

  • Access to exclusive Good Sweet Family community on Circle
  • Access to educational material with training added every month
  • 1 x Group Coaching Session with Sean & Sharon per month
  • Exclusive Q&A and training with industry experts
  • FREE property analysis calculator
  • FREE flipping calculator
  • Curated networking opportunities
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Deal flow access