About Us

About Us

Before amassing a portfolio of 33 rental units that gross us $29,000/month in rental income...

And before building a community of over 2 million people enjoying our content...

We were just 2 kids who did what we were told, scared to go against the grain.

We got good grades, attended prestigious universities, and took the regular 9 to 5 corporate roles in hopes of making our families proud.

But what we didn't realize was that all this came with a cost:

The cost of our happiness, our freedom, and our ability to build true wealth.

Sharon & Sean's Story

Both of us had similar stories of not wanting to be stuck in a 9 to 5 we weren't passionate about until we were too old to live our lives.

Sean's coworkers constantly complained about how their company would reduce their pay, take away their bonuses, and not give them the promotions they thought they deserved. They would worry about not being able to retire until they were 75. Hearing all of this, Sean knew he didn't want the same fate.

Sharon similarly realized how trapped she felt after a month-long solo Europe trip in 2014 that showed her all the life she was missing out on.

We both had callings to figure out how to achieve financial freedom and began obsessively studying resources to do just that. It was then that we stumbled upon real estate and started investing in our first properties, even before we had met each other.

Then in 2019, we were blessed by the algorithms and met through an online dating app!

Sean had "real estate investor" in his dating profile, while Sharon had "FIRE Movement" on hers. As we talked all about our financial freedom journeys and life goals on our first date, we instantly knew we were going to hit it off.

By combining forces, we were able to quickly scale our real estate portfolio and skyrocket our net worth.

Our rental properties have changed our lives, but our journey did not come without struggles. It took us time to overcome the overwhelming fear and daunting process of entering the real estate investment world.

Enter Good Sweet Homes

Good Sweet Homes is actually a combination of our Chinese names! It represents our desire to beautify distressed properties and transform people's finances, one home at a time.

We created Good Sweet Homes with a mission to help people create generational wealth through real estate.

Each rental you acquire is one step closer to bringing you towards financial freedom.

That means less stress and more time with your loved ones, more time to pursue your dreams, and the ability to design your best life - the one you were meant to live.

About Sharon

Sharon Tseung is a content creator and real estate investor who teaches people how to make passive income towards financial freedom through her blog, YouTube channel, TikTok, and Instagram. She has been featured on Business Insider, BBC, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, CNET, MarketWatch, and other notable websites. In the past, she graduated from UC Berkeley and worked in Marketing for 10 years at Google and other startups. Sharon quit her job and traveled the world as a digital nomad for 2 years, all while growing over multiple passive income streams.

About Sean

Sean Pan is a real estate investor, agent, and hard money lender based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He invests in single family renovations and out-of-state investments. Sean is a podcast host, meetup group leader, and YouTuber who produces real estate videos to help others achieve financial freedom. He holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and previously worked at Boeing and Northrop Grumman.