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Do you want to level up your real estate efforts, but don't know where to begin?

Are you looking for coaching, mentorship, and education for the

different types of real estate investing strategies?

Do you wish you had a community of like-minded individuals to connect with?

You're not alone!

We know what
it's like...

When we first started, we felt lost because we didn't have the right mentors and community for support.

We created Good Sweet Family to provide a safe space for you to ask questions, network, and obtain the guidance you need to build true wealth through real estate.

We are here for you.

We know that everyone starts their real estate investment journey from different places. But whether you're a beginner or you've been doing this for years, we will help you grow and become a better investor.

The private membership program is the perfect way to connect with other industry experts and us, while connecting you with other investors in the community who can guide you towards the different real estate investing strategies that interest you. It will give you access to our training modules which are constantly updated. We'll also host virtual networking events for you to connect with the other investors in the group.


We'll host monthly group coaching sessions where you can ask your general questions. We'll also invite industry experts to share their tips and strategies to becoming a great real estate investor.


Networking is the best way to becoming a better investor. Whether it's through our forum on Circle or virtual meetups sessions, you will network with other investors in the group. You might find your next partner or private money lender here!


Our 30+ hours of training materials are categorized for easy consumption and updated regularly. We'll talk about topics like long-term, short-term, mid-term rentals financing strategies, deal finding, asset protection, tax strategies, and more.

At Good Sweet Family, we'll talk about:

Long Term Rentals

We'll talk about how we invest in
1-4 unit properties across the country and how to manage a large portfolio

Short Term & Mid Term Rentals

Short term rentals let you massively increase your rental income, but they come with some tricky regulations. We'll talk about how to do it right and maximize your profits!

Active Investing Strategies

We'll talk about the best way to flip houses, wholesale, and implement the BRRRR strategy

Asset Protection & Tax Strategies

The hardest thing about money isn't making it, it's keeping it. Learn how the pros set up entities for asset protection purposes and utilize the tax law to minimize their taxes!

Financing Strategies

The best part of investing in real estate is being able to use "OPM" or "other people's money". Traditional banks can only take us so far, so we'll talk about raising private capital, DSCR loans, and commercial loans

Finding Deals

We'll go over the best ways to find deals in a competitive market while minimizing our marketing budget

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Create wealth through real estate so you can spend your life doing what you love.

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Meet Sean and Sharon!

Sean Pan

Sean Pan is a real estate investor, content creator, and hard money lender. He invests in single-family renovations and out-of-state investments. Sean is a podcast host, meetup group leader, and YouTuber who produces real estate videos to help others achieve financial freedom. He holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and previously worked at Boeing and Northrop Grumman.

Sharon Tseung

Sharon Tseung is a real estate investor and content creator who teaches people how to make passive income towards financial freedom. She has been featured on Business Insider, BBC, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, Bustle, Fast Company, and other notable websites. In the past, she graduated from UC Berkeley and worked in Marketing for 10 years at Google and other startups. Sharon quit her job and traveled the world as a digital nomad for 2 years, all while growing over multiple passive income streams.


What if I barely know anything about real estate investing?

No problem. We welcome beginner and intermediate investors! You can use our group coaching sessions and the members of the Good Sweet Family to help you know how to choose your target market, build a local "boots on the ground" team, analyze deals, make offers, and acquire your first rental property.

Do you ever update the materials given in the private membership program?

Absolutely! We will update everything as needed and pay close attention to the information and its relevance.

Do I have to have a rental property to be in this group?

Nope, this private membership program is for beginners and intermediates, so anyone is welcome to join.

Do you only talk about long-term rentals? 

Nope! We will cover different real estate strategies and provide opportunities to learn from other industry experts.

Is my credit card secure?

The platform uses Stripe Express to process credit/debit card transactions and allows for PayPal payments. So feel comfortable knowing your transaction is protected from fraud.

See what our family has to say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The Good Sweet Family is a very welcoming group. As an experienced Airbnb Superhost and investor, I’m always looking to connect with others in the space. I’ve made new friends and have received a lot of value out of the training materials. I’m planning to implement many of the ideas I’ve learned from the group!"

Airbnb Superhost & Software Engineer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I highly recommend the Good Sweet Family. Sharon & Sean have been very helpful with their group coaching sessions, and I’ve been able to network and learn a lot. I currently own a couple of properties, but I wanted to level up my knowledge. With the support of the group, I’m now looking for my next deal!"

Real Estate Investor & Marketing Consultant

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I was first nervous about joining the Good Sweet Family being a total beginner in real estate. But now I'm so happy that I joined because everyone has been super welcoming! I’ve been able to ask questions in a safe space, create connections with other investors, and learn from the training materials. Thank you Sean & Sharon!"

SMU Student & Aspiring Real Estate Investor

“I was looking for the right real estate community and mentors to learn from which led me to the Good Sweet Family. I like that Sharon & Sean cover different real estate investing strategies and creative financing options that I hadn’t thought about. They have been extremely helpful and really care about the success of everyone in the group. It’s also been great connecting with like-minded individuals for advice on my renovations.”

KEVIN LEE | Co-Founder of Immi

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